Do you suffer from chronic muscle pain? Do you take pain medications regularly? Chronic pain can be the result of an old injury, or just old age. In any case, Strength 24 can help.

Strength 24 increases Ca2+ATPase levels, reducing inflammation and discomfort for such conditions as:

  • Tendinitis
  • Stiff joints, i.e. a bad knee
  • Aches and pains of getting old

Inflammation occurs when the body produces pro-inflammatory mediators such as leukotrienes, MCP-1, and histamine in response to a triggering event, i.e. injury. Pain levels are correlated with leukotriene levels in particular.

The release of leukotriene, MCP-1, and histamine is determined by levels of intracellular calcium in mast cells. When intracellular calcium reaches excessive levels the inflammatory response is triggered. Ca2+ATPase helps to maintain optimal levels of intracellular calcium, thus significantly reducing inflammation and pain. Steroids, one mainstay of treating inflammation, i.e. cortisone shots, stimulate Ca2+ATPase to reduce the inflammatory condition.

Strength 24 increases Ca2+ATPase levels, prevents excessive intracellular calcium in mast cells, reducing inflamation and discomfort. A natural pain reducer that works.

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  1. Connie LeBeau says:


    I have been using Strength24 regularly for well over a year now. In that time, bladder function has improved dramatically providing daytime freedom (no more emergency exits from the dinner table or the freeway) and nighttime comfort (lots more prolonged periods of uninterrupted and restful sleep). I now take long hikes and 90-minute yoga classes, enjoy 3 hour movies from the center of the theater, sit happily in the arena thru entire NBA games. Joint and muscle pain has all but disappeared so I am able to be much more active (without pain or restriction) for longer, more regular periods of time, have lost weight and kept it off, feel much younger and more vibrant. As I approach my 63rd birthday, I feel I can SUBTRACT the S24 year from my age rather than adding one. One side effect I had not expected – I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind me of what I felt like before Strength24 put this smile on my face, this bounce back in my step.

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