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About the Founder

After receiving her MBA from Yale University in 1994, Brunde Broady worked as a financial analyst and private investor until 2000 at which point, due to her son’s medical condition, she turned attention full time to medical research. Her highly honed analytical skills, coupled with a burning desire for answers, led her to Ca2+ATPase and its importance in many disease states, and subsequently to jasmine flower extracts as a means to increase Ca2+ATPase levels.


The story behind the development of Strength24 began when a mom’s efforts to help her son through modern medicine hit a dead end. What became her calling would change her son’s life – and countless others, too.

At an early age my son Knute experienced sleep apnea, swallowing problems, ptosis, muscle weakness, painful rashes, and asthma. After exhausting conventional medical treatment that could not give me a diagnosis, I began my own quest for answers. Over the course of several years, I began to make the connection between his symptoms and certain foods and substances such as food dyes, additives, artificial flavorings, and specific foods such as corn. Looking for a link, I learned that all of the substances my son reacted to caused reduced levels of Ca2+ATPase, a key enzyme found in every cell of the body. I soon realized that in addition to my son, there were many people that could benefit from optimized levels of Ca2+Atpase, as reduced levels are associated with a wide range of diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, and muscle degeneration. In my search for ways to increase this enzyme, I found the natural substance jasmonate. Not finding it readily available as a supplement, I set about formulating one. As it turned out, CA2+Atpase was just one aspect of my son’s health issues, nevertheless, I was determined to supply a uniquely formulated jasmonate product to all individuals looking to improve their health, and that is how Strength24 was born.